Open source projects I work on.


  • SnyPy - Open source on-prem code snippet manager
    • UI - based on Angular
    • REST API - build with Django and Django Rest Framework
    • Docker Setup - for development and production
  • WPDC - Easy Wordpress development with Docker and Docker Compose
  • udatable - Finds packages that require updates on a Python environment.
  • django-model-prefix - A django module that allows to configure a global or model based database table prefix
  • jQuery Rate - A simple jQuery plugin for creating graphical ratings
  • Chrome Shots - A docker compose configuration that uses headless chrome with puppeteer to generate full page screenshots for a given set of urls and devices.


  • django-rest-passwordreset - An extension of django rest framework, providing a configurable password reset strategy
  • django-rest-multitokenauth - An extension to Django-Rest-Frameworks Token Authentication, enabling a user to have multiple authorization tokens
  • drf-simple-access-key - A library that provides a simple token authorization for Django REST framework.

Wordpress plugins:

  • WP Dev Notice - Displays a notification if you are working on a dev environment
  • FB Pinwall - Generates a wall of photos from Facebook pages
  • Anexia monitoring wordpress - A WordPress plugin used to monitor updates for core, plugins and themes. It can be also used to check if the website is alive and working correctly.