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Cleanup Docker to free up memory

How to recover space on your HDD after doing a cleanup in Docker, after using it for several months.

Git sparse checkout for “partial checkout”

This isn't really ground breaking and it’s not often used. I can imagine this scenario when having a bigger project where two...

Upgrade a Django based application from 1.11 to 2.0

Keeping dependencies updated is crucial to the project's health. Newer package version close bugs, fix security issues and bring new...

Automate full-page website screenshots for a URL list

I started getting more involved in this thematic after being approached by a colleague at work. He asked me if there might be a...

Docker Compose for WordPress

Development environment for Wordpress using Docker using WPDC.

Development environments for PHP

As a web developer you will most likely have to work on a temporary environment that you will setup for your project, so you will...

A brief look at Laravel

A quick look at Laravel 4.2 and it's rich feature set: MVC Patern, Routing, Templates, Forms, Database (Migrations and ORM) and...

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