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Extend the startapp manage command for better Django template apps

How to extend the startapp management command to create better Django template apps

Automatically create an API client form an OpenAPI spec

Discover how to use an OpenAPI spec in order to automatically generate an API client

Create OpenAPI spec for Django REST Framework APIs

Learn how to create OpenAPI spec for Django REST Framework APIs

Create a Docker image to store Django static files

Serve static files for a Django application by using a docker container

Create patches that you can deploy via FTP by using git

A tutorial on creating a custom linux command that generates patches via git, which can be deployed directly via FTP or SFTP.

Install Python packages from git repository with pip

Learn how and why to install a Python package from a git repository

WordPress plugin integration testing with Python and Docker

Proof of concept for creating integration tests and run them inside Docker containers against different versions of PHP and WordPress

Increase performance via Range Fields in Django Querysets on PostgreSQL

A brief story from the database optimizations of a Django application that uses PostgreSQL

Quick docker setup on Ubuntu Linux

This is a short article containing commands and links in order to quickly install and run docker on Ubuntu desktop.

Fix Chrome scale factor on Ubuntu

How to fix the default Chrome scale factor when it suddenly changes

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