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Quick docker setup on Ubuntu Linux

This is a short article containing commands and links in order to quickly install and run docker on Ubuntu desktop.

Fix Chrome scale factor on Ubuntu

How to fix the default Chrome scale factor when it suddenly changes

Automatic Build for Ionic Android APK and Bundle using Github Actions

In this tutorial I will show how a build pipeline for an Ionic App can be created using Github Actions.

Django REST Framework Permissions in Depth

How DRF permissions work and how to configure them in a Django application.

Fix for Ubuntu 19.10 stuck on splash screen

How I fixed my Ubuntu to boot again after upgrading from 19.04 to 19.10

Generate SSH key on Linux for GitHub, GitLab Bitbucket or other services

This isn’t complicated but in the perspective of a software developer it is done only once after the OS setup or latter when required...

Add Static Analysis to Python Code

How to add static code analysis on a Python project using Pycodestyle, Pylama and Travis CI and help better maintain the code.

Combine Git and Bash for better productivity

A quick guide on how to configure bash in order to show more details if the current directory is part of a git repository.

How to use the Kubernetes dashboard with DigitalOcean

A guide on how to enable the k8s dashboard for the Kubernetes Clusters provided by DigitalOcean.

Up and running library development with Angular 7

Developing libraries for Angular has become much smoother since version 7 of the framework. The Angular CLI is doing...

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