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Auto deploy static generated websites on shared hosting

For some time I had a question in mind: Is it possible to do an auto deploy with Git on a shared host?

When it comes to auto...

PyDays Vienna 2018 Overview

At the beginning of May of this year I attended PyDays Vienna for the first time. It is a fairly new conference that...

Python underscores explained

An overview of the diferent meanings and the usages of underscores in python.

Cleanup Docker to free up memory

How to recover space on your HDD after doing a cleanup in Docker, after using it for several months.

Git sparse checkout for “partial checkout”

This isn't really ground breaking and it’s not often used. I can imagine this scenario when having a bigger project where two...

Upgrade a Django based application from 1.11 to 2.0

Keeping dependencies updated is crucial to the project's health. Newer package version close bugs, fix security issues and bring new...

Automate full-page website screenshots for a URL list

I started getting more involved in this thematic after being approached by a colleague at work. He asked me if there might be a...

Docker Compose for WordPress

Development environment for Wordpress using Docker using WPDC.

Development environments for PHP

As a web developer you will most likely have to work on a temporary environment that you will setup for your project, so you will...

A brief look at Laravel

A quick look at Laravel 4.2 and it's rich feature set: MVC Pattern, Routing, Templates, Forms, Database (Migrations and ORM) and...

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